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Covid19 Secure Practice

We have worked hard to ensure the clinic is as safe a space as possible for your sessions. Below is a copy of the information sent out to each client/patient ahead of their first session since the Covid19 outbreak.


Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic there are changes we have implemented here at the clinic to make your visit as safe and secure as possible. We would greatly appreciate you reading this before your visit and follow our guidelines to help us keep you, your practitioner and other clinic users as safe as possible whilst enabling us to give you our best attention to support your health and well-being. This advice is taken from the British Acupuncture Council’s in-depth ‘return to practice’ guidelines and in my opinion are sensible and comprehensive.

Before your first session following lockdown your practitioner will contact you to book you in. There will be a series of initial screening questions to make sure you are not currently exhibiting any COVID symptoms. If this changes before your appointment you must let your practitioner know as soon as possible and you should not attend the clinic if you suspect you have developed symptoms or anyone else in your household has.

Reception as a waiting area is closed. Please arrive at the time of your appointment. Please leave bags and coats in your car if possible to minimise contact risk. If someone comes with you to the appointment please ask them to stay outside the clinic unless they are a carer, parent (for children) or chaperone. Water and glasses have been removed from reception so feel free to bring your own if needed.

Upon arrival you will immediately be asked to use the hand sanitizer which will be on the reception desk. We request that patients arrive wearing a surgical face mask if you have one available. They are easily and cheaply available online. If you don’t have one we will provide one for your use from a clean-zone box at reception. Once this is put on you should keep it on for the duration of your session and take it away with you. If at any time you need to remove it you will need to replace it with a new one. In exceptional circumstances (ie breathing difficulties due to asthma) you may discuss this situation with your practitioner. If you are lying face down on the treatment couch using the face hole eg. during a massage you may remove the mask and your practitioner will advise you further.

Whilst in reception your therapist will take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. If it registers a high body temperature this is a COVID red flag. You should go directly home and call 111 to arrange a test and follow advice. Your therapist will guide you through this process.

On your first visit you will be asked to sign a consent form (either at the clinic or emailed to you ahead of your session). This states your consent to treatment that is by necessity non-socially distanced.

You will then be invited into the treatment room and the door will be already open. Please minimise contact with surfaces, door handles etc. If you need the loo on your way (which is fine) please make your therapist aware so we can flag up the cleaning of this area during our clean down after your session.

In the treatment room there are a number of changes we are required to implement to minimise risk. There are no couch covers in use. If you would like to bring along a towel, sheet, blanket or similar to lie on for your comfort please feel free but we ask that you then take them away with you at the end of your session. Otherwise we will be using the washable vinyl couches and the usual couch roll covering. We will clean all surfaces between each appointment with industry standard anti-viral products. Pillows will have plastic coverings to allow us to wipe down and air dry between sessions according to best practice guidelines.

The fabric covered chairs will no longer be in use in the rooms as suitable cleaning for these surfaces is not possible between sessions. Apologies for the less comfortable chairs we are providing but this allows for appropriate cleaning between sessions. All stools have been revarnished with 3 coats of protection to allow ease of cleaning between sessions.

Depending on the therapy you are coming for your therapist will advise you on changes to your consultation. For example, if you are used to sitting on a chair in the treatment room for the initial part of your session your therapist may recommend you get on the couch directly to minimise surface contact. We will give you clear direction and our best practice is to protect both you and ourselves.

All therapists will be wearing appropriate PPE for your (and our) protection. This will include face masks for the duration of your session, disposable aprons, visors if close work is needed and obviously hand washing protocols will be rigorously adhered to. This goes beyond the minimum requirement recommended from our professional bodies so please be assured your safety is our main concern.

Following your session we’ll need to take payment and book you back in for any follow up appointments. Ideally we would prefer bank transfers at this time to minimise contact. If you would to prefer to pay by card that’s fine if your therapist has a card machine and it will be wiped down with disinfectant between use. If you are paying with cash or cheque we will ask you to drop it into a cash box. If you would like an appointment card with your next date on it will be wiped with disinfectant before passing it to you.

Our appointment system has changed and there will now be intervals between sessions. This protects you from any distancing issues with other clinic users as you arrive and leave. Between each appointment we will be spending a significant time cleaning all surfaces, door handles, couches, chairs, loo etc with anti-viral cleaning products to ensure your safety as much as we can.

If you develop COVID symptoms within 48 hours of your appointment you should call 111 (or use the 111 online facility) and arrange for a test and follow advice. We need to know this as well so please contact us as soon as possible as at this point. This will mean your therapist has to self-isolate until the results of the test come back. If it is negative the therapist can return to practice. If it is positive the therapist must continue to self isolate until 14 days from point of contact has elapsed. This is an unlikely scenario given the current number of cases locally but we need to have these measures in place just in case.

The team here at the Marine Clinic greatly appreciates your understanding and cooperation in these tricky times. It is likely that these measures will stay in place for an extended period but please be assured we will do our best to provide you with our usual excellent treatments as we travel down this road together.

Many Thanks

DaveB and the team.

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