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Marine Clinic
12 Marine Drive
East Sussex
BN2 7HQ 01273 307001

Embodied Trauma Release and Emotional Healing

When we go through physical injury emotional pain and trauma, the memory of these can get stuck in the tissues and cells of our body. Unreleased, this can result in a variety of symptoms such as chronic pain, chronic illness, anxiety and depression. Using massage techniques and healing touch, I work with your body to release these stuck emotions and the imprint of traumatic memory. In a safe and supportive way. I will gently guide and encourage your body to release what it needs to. Nothing is forced. I simply encourage your body to let go whatever it is ready to let go.

Health benefits include:

Healing the mind and body

Letting go of negative energy

Releasing physical pain

Stress reduction

Tension release

Detoxification of the body

Peace of mind

Bringing back balance

Patients can remain fully clothed.

Treatments are all available as either 1 hour (£45) or 2 hour (£85) sessions.

marine clinic complementary health centre

Serving the communities of Rottingdean, Brighton, Hove, Saltdean, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe, Worthing,
Lewes, Seaford, Woodingdean and beyond.