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Marine Clinic
12 Marine Drive
East Sussex
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Acupuncture is widely accepted these days as being of invaluable help in resolving a huge range of physical, mental and emotional problems. Here at the Marine Clinic, Rottingdean, Brighton we have 2 practitioners. David Bennett practices Five Element acupuncture and Vicky Newman a Five Element/TCM/Stems and Branches integrated approach.

Acupuncture theory understands your problem, whatever it may be, as arising from an underlying energetic imbalance which impairs your systems ability to regulate itself properly. This imbalance is diagnosed by rooting a detailed history of your main problems in an overall consideration of your health, lifestyle and general wellbeing. The acupuncture is then aimed at inviting your system back into balance and from there, you are able to heal, restore and thrive. Within such a classical approach, people not only find their main symptoms improving but are often amazed at the unexpected boost in their day to day vitality as well.

We have extensive experience of working with people with a wide range of issues including:

* physical problems including musculoskeletal and sports injuries, bad backs, dodgy necks, stiff shoulders, arthritic joints etc.

* systems based difficulties, eg. infertility and menstrual problems, digestive disorders, IBS etc.

* serious life-limiting and chronic disease including many types of cancer, MS, Parkinsons etc.

* stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and the whole range of emotional/mental problems, for which 5 Element acupuncture has a particularly effective impact.

Or maybe you are just not feeling quite right? Maybe nothing you could take to the GP really, but lacking in energy, burnt out, that nagging feeling that you are not quite thriving and enjoying life the way you suspect you could be.

In our experience, people usually come with a combination of the types of problems listed above. It is our particular skill that we can weave together all your particular physical, mental and/or emotional issues into an effective acupuncture treatment that gets results. This is what holistic means in practice.

The most common question we're asked (and it's a good one)-does it hurt? No. We use a Japanese needling technique which is characterised by the thinnest of needles (literally, think of a stiff hair), inserted very superficially for a second or two then removed immediately. Sometimes the needle may be retained for a few minutes depending on the effect required but the experience remains comfortable for the patient. Occasionally you might fleetingly notice a little more but it's over before it's begun and then you start to feel the benefits. Considering the side effects of much of the medication people tolerate daily, this is virtually for free. And it works.

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Serving the communities of Rottingdean, Brighton, Hove, Saltdean, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe, Worthing,
Lewes, Seaford, Woodingdean and beyond.