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Marine Clinic
12 Marine Drive
East Sussex
BN2 7HQ 01273 307001

Emotional Freedom Technique

Rediscover your confidence and joy

Emotional Freedom Technique (�EFT�) and Matrix Reimprinting are designed to escort you on a safe and gentle journey to remove your specific blocks to love, happiness and success by bringing resolution and healing to the hidden root causes of restrictive or seemingly irrational anxieties, fears or regrets. Sessions are seated and fully clothed. You or your therapist will activate key therapeutic points on your head and hands by tapping as appropriate and agreed.

� Take a trip through your memories with incredible clarity, constantly aware that you are safe, here and now.

� Gently tap on acupressure points to release the blocked energy that we experience as stuck or excessive emotion.

� Discover the 15 acupressure points used to release emotional tension from the physical body and empower yourself to access these at any moment of emotional discomfort.

� Learn the 3 points where you can access whole clusters of physical energy meridians, all in one go.

� Take measurable, tangible steps within your session to rediscover your confidence and joy, your gratitude and peace, your inner voice and your vision for the future.

Leave feeling better than when you arrived, every time, guaranteed. Call us today to find out more�

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Serving the communities of Rottingdean, Brighton, Hove, Saltdean, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe, Worthing,
Lewes, Seaford, Woodingdean and beyond.