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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

COVID 19 proceedures.
2 metres between participants indoors and out.
Well ventilated rooms before, during and after each class.
Students to bring their own drinks.
Leave enough time between classes to clean and sanitize.
Ensure teacher is as far away as possible from students.
Suggest students book for classes and arrive on time, so as not to congregate outside class location.
Hand sanitizer outside rooms and toilets, for use before entering the facility and on leaving.
Only 1 person at a time in the toilet area,
Surfaces, handles, tables, chairs, switches, sanitized between classes and on a regular basis.
Responsibility of the class hall owner to clean and disinfect the rooms.
Responsibility of the teacher to keep a record of student attendance for 'Test, track & trace'

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

The Suffolk Tai Chi Academy is operated by experienced instructors. We are dedicated to teaching the techniques and benefits of Tai Chi as originally taught by Master Moy Lin-Shin   (1931-1998).

Adapted from martial arts, Tai Chi is gentle exercise that allows you to stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a natural way, creating a feeling of relaxation and providing real health benefits.

We welcome young and old alike and have become known for our relaxed and friendly approach to teaching. We also offer our services to partners in traditional health and social care agencies.

Our Aims
1 Make affordable Tai Chi available to all adults.
2 Improve participants fitness, health and mindfulness.
3 Help others learn the benefits of Tai Chi exercise
4 Improve and enhance our local community by providing a way and place
for people to meet in a friendly environment.
5 Encourage members to take an active part in running the academy by taking on the responsibility of helping and in time teaching beginners.
6 Donate each year to external charities.

We are working in conjunction 'One Life Suffolk'
OneLife Suffolk helps people in Suffolk live healthier lives. The Get Help to Get Active Service aims to support people with long-term health conditions to become and stay more active.

The Academy is concerned only with Tai Chi and is not affiliated with any religious groups

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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy. Formed in 2013 the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy was set up to provide a relaxed environment for instruction and practice of Tai Chi as promoted by Master Moy. Our classes are where ideas can be exchanged to help all students develop their style and form. Classes comprise absolute beginners and those with many years experience. The Academy is concerned only with Tai Chi as a whole body and mind exercise it is not a belief or religion. (See the 'About Tai Chi' tab) There are many Tai Chi Academies please see the links tab to visit their sites. For those living in Suffolk and surrounding areas, such as Melton, Woodbridge, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Hasketon, Hacheston, Playford, Framlingham, Wickham Market, Easton, Felixstowe, Bredfield, Waldringfield, Martlesham,