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The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System is a revolutionary successful slimming hypnotherapy treatment we offer at the Marine Clinic, Rottingdean, Brighton and has been designed for people who want to lose weight. Also known as gastric band hypnotherapy, it mimics the results of gastric band surgery-you will eat smaller portions and feel full-but it is completely SAFE and PAIN-FREE because there is no surgical procedure! As well as losing weight it will also save you money, not only on the cost required of private surgery but also on your weekly food bills.

Peter May is an experienced hypnotherapist with many years experience and has specialised in this area of gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss. He usually charges £120 for a session which includes an audio cd for you to reinforce the technique at home and follow up telephone/email support as needed. PROMOTIONAL OFFER.. HALF PRICE JUST FOR A FEW WEEKS. USUALLY £120, NOW £60 BUT MUST FINISH SOON. THIS OFFER INCLUDES THE FULL HYPNO SESSION AND THE POWERFUL REINFORCEMENT CD. LIMITED AVAILABILITY SO CALL NOW SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT.

For a more detailed discussion of how hypnotherapy can help in weight loss we have reprinted an excellent article on our BLOG page. To read what some people have said about their experience working with Peter May here at the Marine Clinic have a look at the testimonials below.


Dear Peter,

Its been five weeks since my session with you,im amazed to say ive lost a stone,with no temptation to even try any cakes, crisps,biscuits or my favourite ice cream!! I am so pleased with the results so far.Thank you,

Barbara T

"Dear Peter,

Thank you for a very successful session for a Hypnotherapy Gastric Band! I came for the session on Thursday 22nd August, I now weigh 44lbs less, that's 3 stones and 2lbs! An additional benefit in managing type two diabetes, my average sugar reading was 11.6 in August and is now 5.3

I'm looking forward to additional benefits from the reinforcement session to help with the Christmas pressure, both in terms of stressful preparation and in controlling the intake of extra nice things to eat.

With many thanks for helping to improve my life . . . it's the best £90 I spent in 2014.

Kind regards, Julie, Brighton

So I'm at the end of my fifth week since my appointment with you and I've lost 16lbs! I'm very happy with this result and it has come about quite naturally, rather than the constant battle of willpower experienced by a typical "diet". Instead my desire seems to have evaporated. I at last feel like I have a normal relationship with food!

The gastric band aspect is not really in my conscious mind, instead I just eat half and eat healthy. I really feel that this is sustainable, as along the way I've drank champagne and eaten at Macdonalds, but now I just stop, whereas before I was a definite feaster!

Sarah M, Worthing

Thanks for the session on Friday, thought I'd send you a quick update today.

I have been listening to the CD each night and it's all going really well so far. I've completely lost my appetite, so am only eating when I need to at meal times, and then it's only a very small portion much to the amusement of my boyfriend who is getting fed the left overs!! I'm already starting to learn to batch up portions into smaller portions, as there was far too much left over on the first couple of days.

I'm feeling a lot better already, less bloated, much more positive about it all.

Gemma, Seaford

Hello Peter,

You asked me to give you an up date after a month. Well I'm delighted to say I've just weighed myself and I've lost 9 lbs! I haven't been tempted to snack at all and the desire to have something 'just this once' has completely disappeared! I think the best example is when work colleagues plonked a huge bag of chips fresh from the chippy in from of me and I was amazed when I had absolutely no desire to eat any, I didn't even think they smelt that nice.

Anyway, onwards and downwards to paraphrase.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas.

Ann H, Brighton

"Weight loss stands at 28lbs. I tried chocolate but could not swallow it! I have reduced my alcohol intake by 50%...I do not enjoy fatty foods...I am exercising and I feel great!" Beauty Salon Owner, Brighton

"I'm heading in the right direction....The biggest result is the calming effect your cd has on me. Friends have commented on how I look so more better and not so stressed. The Practice Nurse at my doctors surgery was most impressed as to how much my blood pressure had gone down. I am now able to deal with the insurance company and loss adjustors calmly without getting into a panic,so for that alone,thank you.....The day after my session with you I was tempted by a Magnum which I knew I had in the freezer. It was revolting! The texture was wrong, I couldn't get rid of the grease in my mouth even after cleaning my teeth and using mouthwash. I found I kept wiping my lips for at least a couple of hours afterward trying to get rid of the grease. My husband thought it was highly amusing as Magnums 'were' my favourite ice cream." Susan B

"All is going well, I am so pleased with the results. I have lost 10lbs in weight..and my cravings for junk food have gone completely." Mrs C, Hove

"It's seems to be going well at the moment. I have been definitely been eating smaller portions. I have still been tempted to eat a few naughty things but I haven't caved in! I've been listening to the cd in my headphones every night and have usually been asleep before it finishes, is that ok? I went out for lunch with friends on Weds and just ordered soup and was nice and full after and didn't even feel jealous of everyone else's chips and baguettes etc! So thanks very much for your help." Paul, Brighton

"All of the girls say they think its worked, although Sarah feels it hasn't worked for her !!! yet she hasn't touch a bar of chocolate or any chocolate infact and hasn't had butter since, and has roped me into join slimming world with her, plus she has mowed her lawn and cleared her driveway and has been the most positive Ive seen her for a long time. In fact we are all feeling very positive and we all have noticed how full we feel after eating to the point that after a small meal I had I was feeling so uncomfortable as if I had a Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings weird but we are all feeling good so at the moment, thumbs up from us and a big thank you." Debi, Hove

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