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What is Body Listening?

Body Listening is a transformative therapy using the science of the Mind-Body connection. It removes the suffering that often comes with emotional challenge, chronic pain or illness, and kick-starts the body’s own natural healing system.

Body Listening is perfect for you if you are:

*Suffering with short or long term pain

*Suffering from any condition (emotional or physical) that has lasted more than a couple of months.

*Going through a difficult time, grief, stress, anger..

*Experiencing addiction issues

*Regularly catching viruses or infections

*Feeling blocked or stuck in some aspect of your life

*Wanting to prevent becoming seriously ill in the future

Many people with chronic conditions or pain have been told their condition is permanent, that they just have to learn to live with it. Your suffering does NOT need to be lifelong. There IS another way.

It’s time to take back control of your health. To learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs. To learn to access your own power and heal yourself from pain and illness – for good.

How does it work?

Pain is the language of the body. It is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong, and when we listen, it is a powerful and astute teacher. Over our lifetime, repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and mental and physical traumas get imprinted in our body and stored deep within the tissues, muscles, organs and cells. Without release, they become stuck and can manifest as pain and illness.

In Body Listening, we reveal and release these emotional blocks and allow the stagnant energy to move. We tune into the signals of the body, which are coming to us in the form of pain and a range of other symptoms. They are pointing us to something deeper that needs our attention, and showing us what needs to be released.

This is the key to getting and staying well. This is the foundation of my practice.

I will create an individual course of sessions for you, bespoke and tailored to your needs. The ultimate goal is always to give you back control of your life, free from pain and suffering. This work is long lasting and has a profound impact. After just a few sessions, it is my intention that you will never need to return again. You will be free, and your life will be significantly brighter. You will leave with a completely new mindset to pain and illness – and with techniques that can keep you well for the rest of your life.

This course will include:

*a number of 1:1 Body Listening sessions with me at the clinic.

*Exercises/techniques for you to use at home

*Guided Healing Meditations

*Recommended daily practices

*Recommended lifestyle changes

What happens in a session?

The goal of every Body Listening session is for your body to get what it needs on that day, in order to heal. Your body is in charge.

A session will always begin by taking time to tune into your body and listen to what is currently happening. You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and surrender. Throughout the session, I will use a combination of techniques including Body Psychotherapy, Body Dialoguing, Letting Go Meditations, Deep Release Raynor Massage, Reiki Energy and Healing Touch. These techniques are used to first discover where the stuck energies and emotions are being held, and then to help them move and release. Nothing is forced. We are simply removing the obstacles that are getting in the way of your healing. Once these release, your body can begin to heal.

It is important when working with deeply held emotions and old trauma that you feel safe and held. This is why I offer a free Skype or phone consultation for all new clients to get a chance to talk to me, and ask any questions that may arise.

We start with a FREE 20 minute consultation by phone or Skype.

After the consultation, you can book your initial session with me at the clinic.

After this session, I will recommend a follow up programme that will best suit you.

To get the ball rolling, book your FREE 20 minute consultation with me on 07885020472 or book through the clinic on 01273 307001

Feel free to contact me at

click this link to find out more on my website


Read Ray's success story here:

Ray is a 59 year old male. He came to me having been through some recent upheavals in his life including a location move and the ending of a long term relationship. He was suffering from chronic eczema.

He had heard about my work through a mutual friend and needed someone who could help on both the emotional and physical levels.

In our first session, Ray connected with deeply held emotions and beliefs that felt like they were constraining him. The work we did together, helped him to acknowledge things he had never fully faced. By the end of the session Ray was able to accept these feelings and thoughts without the need to struggle or push against them. As a result an enormous sensation of relief came to him, and the tensions he had held in his body started easing off completely. Ray reported that it was quite remarkable to experience a shift like this in just one session.

We then had two further sessions in which Ray continued to make discoveries about himself. He became aware of how much his limiting thoughts and feelings were suppressing his energy and how they were even making him ill.

Through our work together, Ray learnt how to listen and tune in to the messages that are coming from his body. He was able to let go of his compulsion to think that he always needs to work out how to navigate the challenges in his life, or figure out what’s coming next. After our sessions he commented that he now feels entirely comfortable resting in the unknown and uncertain future that awaits him.

Since we started working together, Ray has reported a dramatic reduction in his eczema. In addition, he has also experienced a noticeable reduction in his levels of anxiety, a stillness and inner peace and a resurgence in his creative energy.

Read Bob's success story here:

Bob is an 80 year old man. He came to me suffering with a very severe tremor in his left arm. He was unable to lift a cup of tea or glass of water to his mouth without it spilling everywhere. He had been through serious heart surgery and these tremors had been present both before and after the surgery. The doctors had diagnosed it as an ‘essential tremor’ and had told him that unfortunately nothing could be done.

We worked together, tuning in to how he was, and he became aware that he was carrying very high levels of anxiety. After only 15 minutes of working with Bob, the tremor improved by 95%. It was clear to see that the tremor had nearly completely gone. Bob reported that his arm and hand felt completely relaxed and that his whole body and mind felt at peace. His anxiety had dramatically reduced. He described it as ‘unbelievable.’

After returning home, Bob wrote to thank me and let me know that once he was home, his arm began to throb and then he had a big release of pain. He is now able to use his left arm and hand with much more confidence. In Bob’s words, ‘Doctors had told me nothing could be done. Well, now I know better!’

What Clients say:

"I live with fibromyalgia among other chronic illnesses to a level where I am mostly housebound. Anita was very careful to understand my condition in much more depth than I have experienced from any other healer I have been to. She works so intuitively and naturally, she is conscientious and really cares about helping. I honestly feel that despite having 7 different specialists I see regarding my condition, Anita can actually help make a real difference to my quality of life."

Holly, Brighton

"Thank you Anita for those amazing sessions. I'd had bad neck pain for around 6 weeks and knew it was a combination of emotional and physical elements. What I loved about this treatment was that it worked on both parts and I felt like I floated out of the room afterwards. It was truly relaxing and yet got to the deep core of the problem. Pleased to say the neck pain disappeared and I felt much calmer and aligned afterwards. Thanks again."

Kate, Brighton

"Anita is a sensitive and skilled therapist. She provides a unique blend of physical and emotional healing, which I have found immensely helpful and supportive, particularly in reducing my stress. I recommend her highly."

Lizzie, Saltdean

"I went to Anita specifically looking for help with an agonising pain In my shoulder that has been stopping me sleeping for months. After only 2 sessions, not only did my shoulder feel better than it has done in months but my whole body relaxed.

This was not someone beating my muscles into submission but a whole body approach and one that has genuinely helped me. I even slept for over three hours for both of the nights following the treatment. Which is verging on miraculous. I can't thank you enough!"

Lydia, Peacehaven

"I suffer with M.E and migraines and am very sensitive to touch and can't tolerate chemicals. Anita has been so understanding - I have had 2 sessions so far and can't wait to book more. Very relaxing and it's really helping my stress levels! Highly recommend to anybody who is searching for healing."

Tasha, Brighton.

"I love the treatments I've had with Anita. Not only have they been relaxing and very pleasurable, but I also really feel that something has 'shifted' in various parts of my body that used to be tense and sore. It's hard to describe, but it feels like she has reached deep into my system and cleared something out! I always sleep for hours when I get home and I'll certainly be back for more. Thank you Anita!"

Minty, London

About Anita

I believe wholeheartedly in the strength of the human spirit and the innate wisdom of the body

I have completely healed myself from chronic back pain and anxiety and continue to practice self healing every day. My journey has been challenging at times and has taken plenty of courage – and I am deeply grateful for it. For it is through my own personal journey, that I am now able to offer what I do.Throughout my childhood, I healed my mother’s aches and pains by placing my hands on her. It was a very natural thing for me to do. I didn’t know at the time that it was anything out of the ordinary.

My body – as all bodies – has a story to tell. I was born into a family of Holocaust survivors. As a child, I made an unconscious decision not to add to their suffering and consequently spent my life pushing all of my difficult feelings down into my body. They got stuck in my lower back and I suffered until my 40’s with debilitating back pain as well as chronic anxiety. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but these conditions became a strong part of my identity and limited my life significantly. I had resigned myself to living my life this way.

And then one day at a personal development workshop, I was hit by a clarity that I had become completely disconnected from my body and my intuition. I decided to leave my 24 year long teaching career and step into the unknown. I went on to attain qualifications in Reiki I, II, III, Reiki Master Teacher, Raynor Naturopathic Massage, Body Listening (Body Psychotherapy) and an Advanced Diploma in Creative Therapy.

Over the past 15 years I have additionally studied a range of other bodywork and therapeutic modalities including Metamorphic Technique, Theta Healing, Reflexology, Shamanic and Tantric Healing, Neuroscience, 5 Rhythms movement medicine, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. I closely follow the work of leading scientists and doctors of Healing and Mind Body Medicine, including Bessel Van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, M.D, Dr.Lissa Rankin, Larry Dossey M.D, Deepak Chopra M.D and Louise Hay, amongst others.

Why not book your FREE 20 minute consultation with me today on 07885020472 or book through the clinic on 01273 307001

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